Window Systems Primary & Weather Seals: Sealing around windows to enhance their performance and protect against leaks and drafts.

Precast Rainscreen Dual Beads: Applying caulk to precast concrete elements in rainscreen systems  to create a secure barrier against moisture.


From Sealing the head of block walls to prevent the spread of smoke in the event of a fire, to applying smoke seals to hollow metal doors and staircase.


Fire separation between suites and occupied spaces: Applying firestop materials to create fire-resistant barriers, enhancing the safety of the building.


Providing effective seals to prevent air and moisture infiltration in the building envelope, while ensuring energy efficiency and weather protection.

Insuite finishes

Sealing joints between dissimilar materials used in insuite finishes to ensure a cohesive and clean finish. Applying Caulking and sealants in Kitchen and bathrooms to prevent water damage and enhance the longevity of the fixtures

expansion and control joints

Expansion Joints: Licensed and trained professionals, we are equipped to assist you with all your needs, whether it be firerated or seismic in nature.

Control Joints: Sealing control joints to accommodate movement in building materials while preventing water penetration.

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