Northern Caulking demonstrates its commitment to Safety and Excellence in the industry by diligently working towards maintaining and improving on its COR certification status.

We are cor certified

Northern Caulking has achieved COR Certification and established an excellent safety record to keep our workers safe.


We have developed comprehensive safety policies and procedures that address potential hazards and risks specific to their line of work. These policies are regularly reviewed and updated to stay in line with current safety standards.

We regularly conduct safety inspections and audits to assess the effectiveness of safety measures and identify areas for improvement in partnership with Safetyloop.


We ensure that all employees receive appropriate safety training and are aware of safety protocols and procedures. Our training covers general safety practices, as well as specific safety measures related to their tasks.

We conduct regular safety meetings to discuss safety issues, share best practices, and address any concerns or incidents that have occurred

hazard identification & risk assessment

We have implemented a system for identifying potential hazards and conducting risk assessments for various tasks and work environments. We take measures to mitigate these risks effectively.


We have established a clear process for reporting incidents and near misses. We investigate all incidents promptly to determine the root causes and implement corrective actions to prevent recurrence.

safety equipment and ppe

We provide our employees with appropriate safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure that it is used correctly.

management commitment

We demonstrate strong management commitment to safety by actively participating in safety programs and promoting a safety-first culture throughout the organization.

the health and safety orientation

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