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Health and Safety Orientation

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Course Curriculum

Welcome to Northern Caulking

  • Welcome to Northern Caulking and thank you for being part of our team.
  • All the employees
  • Policy Statements
  • Introduction Quiz

Roles and Responsibilities


Health and Safety rules

Disciplinary action
If a worker chooses to work in an unsafe manner, supervisors must take reasonable precaution for that worker in the circumstances to protect that worker or other workers who may be affected by the unsafe practice. This reasonable precaution may include re-instruction, re-training and when so required, in cases of willful disregard of safe work procedures, Progressive Disciplinary Action.

Emergency Response
Emergency Response Actions In the event of an emergency

Incident investigation & reporting
This Incident Investigation and Reporting procedures program is designed to achieve 3 basic goals.

Return to work

Workplace violence and harassment prevention
Northern Caulking (Northern Caulking) is committed to the safety and security of our workers while at work. Management recognizes that it is the right of all employees of Northern Caulking to work in a violence and harassment free environment. It is the policy of this company to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to prevent incidents resulting from acts of workplace violence and harassment.

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